Fitness Evolution & Extreme Conditioning

Fox 10 - Summer, 2014 at Tempe Town Lake

Fox 10 – Summer, 2014 at Tempe Town Lake

BRADFORD FITNESS offers two programs: The Fitness Evolution Program and The Extreme Conditioning Program. The first promotes physical fitness and is offered in semi-private (2-4) & one-on-one (1) formats; the second pursues sports conditioning and is offered exclusively in the one-on-one format.

After review of the information provided and gathered during the initial consultation an agreed upon route will be applied, at which point progression and adaptations for the current fitness and conditioning level and goal will remain on-going. Cameron recognizes his areas of competence and is excited to work with those that are on-board with fast-tracking their health and fitness lifestyle and improving their quality of life. He provides continuous feedback and accountability to his clients at a level that fits the evolution of the relationship.

NBC 12 - Summer, 2014 at Tempe Beach Park

NBC 12 – Summer, 2014 at Tempe Beach Park

THE FITNESS EVOLUTION PROGRAM: Cameron has developed a movement system that he starts clients on. This includes three phases and an exercise approach that builds from a combination of the body’s systems in terms of fundamental human movement to human performance to athletic conditioning. This progression utilizes neuromuscular activation, mobility (range-of-motion), stability, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, resistance training, and flexibility. As the program evolves the type, duration and frequency of exercise that will work for the client’s lifestyle becomes the focus.

Mobility testing of a youth athlete

Mobility testing of a youth athlete

THE EXTREME CONDITIONING PROGRAM: Cameron educates his competitive clients on a number of factors with the goal of maintaining a healthy approach to nutrition/supplement choices, sleep cycles, psychological stress, recovery methods and more. The purpose is to implement a specific prescription based on the athlete’s current conditioning and goal.

Cameron measures, tests and evaluates his client’s strengths and weaknesses with assessments to reduce injury and improve performance in areas such as agility, quickness, change of direction, functional strength and position specific conditioning.

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