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Cameron working in a one-on-one session with a client for proper deadlift progression.

Cameron working in a one-on-one session with a client for proper deadlift progression.

BRADFORD FITNESS offers indoor fitness training, called The Fitness Evolution Program, in Tempe (more details & video below). This is in semi-private (2-4) & one-on-one (1) formats.

SEMI-PRIVATE (2-4) & ONE-ON-ONE (1) INDOOR COACHING: After review of the information provided Cameron will create and coach a fitness program and adaptations to exercises for your current fitness level and goal. The program includes routine fitness & bodyfat testing to shown your progress and results.

Cameron working on manual resistance with a stroke survivor.

Cameron working on manual resistance with a stroke survivor.

The purpose of the program, known as FITNESS EVOLUTION, is to implement exercise prescription and instruction based on the client’s current conditioning and goal. Throughout the program Cameron provides continuous feedback and accountability to his clients at a level that fits the evolution of the relationship. He will also measure his client’s strengths and weaknesses with routine fitness & bodyfat % assessments to measure the client’s improvements in physical fitness.

Cameron pays special attention to educating his clients on a number of lifestyle factors with the goal of maintaining a low biological age (age at a cellular level) in relation to increased chronological age (age in years). This includes nutrition/supplements choices, sleep cycles, the nature-nuture connection, stress, exercise and recovery methods. He recognizes his areas of expertise and is excited to work with those that are onboard with fast-tracking their health and fitness lifestyle and improving their quality of life.

Explaining Neuromuscular Activation live on Fox.

Explaining Neuromuscular Activation live on Fox.

Cameron has developed a system that he starts his clients on. This includes three phases and a training approach that builds from a combination of the body’s systems in terms of fundamental human movement to human performance to athletic conditioning. This progression uses neuromuscular activation, mobility (range-of-motion), stability, aerobic & anaerobic conditioning, resistance training, and flexibility. As the program evolves Cameron and his client will determine as a team the type, duration and frequency of exercise that will work for the client’s lifestyle. The outline begings with phase 1, as follows:

• Warm-up & Neuromuscular Activation Routine: Cameron begins his sessions with a full-body warm-up using bodyweight exercises to teach the client’s body to improve awareness so it will “wake up” and prepare itself for exercise

• Joint Mobility: If you’re fit, but can’t move well you are in trouble. Learn to move joints through a full range of motion (ROM). Next, we’ll move to stability and begin to coordinate the body’s proprioception, conditioning, and relative strength into a full-body routine.

• General Conditioning: Build muscle, stimulate fat loss and enhance conditioning through workouts consisting of dynamic movements, calisthenics and more; allowing the body to function as one unit.

Semi-Private Youth Group Fitness.

Semi-Private Youth Group Fitness.

• Please call to schedule Semi-Private & One-on-One sessions between 5am-11am & 3pm-8pm
• Specific to client needs
• Monday: Bodyweight Training (Phase 1 – Mobility, Stability and Resistance)
• Wednesday: Metabolic Conditioning & Performance Training (Phase 3 – Agility Ladder, Battling Rope, Power & Medicine Balls, etc.)
• Friday: Strength Endurance Training (Phase 2 – Barbell and Dumbbell)
Group Fitness:
• Extreme Boxing – NOTE: “Extreme” indicates that kicks, knees and elbows are included, along with traditional punches
• All Semi-Private and One-on-One clients are also encouraged to join as many of the outdoor conditioning sessions as their schedule allows, at no additional cost!

• Male & Female
• All Ages
• Beginner & Intermediate: Semi-Private, One-on-One & Group Fitness Training
• Advanced: One-on-One Strength & Conditioning

AZ TV3 segment with Cameron and his client Mandy discussing his Mobile Fitness Business:

FOX 10 TV segment with Cameron and his client Alyson discussing quick weekend workouts:

FOX 10 TV segment with Cameron discussing Women’s Leg Workouts for In-Home Fitness:


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